Senior Math

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 Senior Math Syllabus

 Unit 1: Review of Real Numbers

 Unit 2: Equations, Inequalities, and Problem Solving

 Unit 3: Graphing

 Unit 4: Solving Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities

 Unit 5: Exponents and Polynomials

 Unit 6: Factoring Polynomials

 Unit 7: Roots and Radicals

 Unit 8: Solving Quadratic Equations

Unit 9: Rational Expressions

Course Description      
This course is designed to prepare students for a college algebra course. All students who take this course have already been exposed to algebra concepts but for a variety of reasons found little success. The presentation of the course is designed to re-energize reluctant learners by infusing quality habits of mind and applying the math to a variety of real world problems. The content is similar to that of an Algebra I course with a few topics from Algebra II.

Course Goals
Students will have a deep understanding of the following:
  • Algebra is the language through which much of mathematics, science, and technology are communicated
  • Patterns, relations, and functions can be used to describe, interpret, and predict real world phenomena
  • Models can be used to represent and understand quantitative relationships 
  • Tables, graphs, and equations are ways for depicting and analyzing patterns of change in data
  • Symbolic statements can be manipulated by mathematical rules to produce equivalent statements