Intro to CS Course Competencies

Course Competencies

Competency 1: Computers and Networks

  • Students will study the principles of computer organization and identify their major components including input, output, memory, storage, processing, software, and operating systems.
  • Students will identify the basic components of computer networks including servers, file protection, routing protocols for connection/communication, spoolers and queues, shared resources, and fault-tolerance.

Competency 2: Logic and Circuits

  • Students will demonstrate and understand the connection between elements of mathematics and computer science, including binary numbers, logic, Boolean Algebra, sets, and recursive functions.
  • Circuits: Students will demonstrate and understand the notion of hierarchy and abstraction in computing, including high-level languages, translation (compilers, interpreters, linking), machine languages, instruction sets, and logic circuits.

Competency 3: Human Interaction

  • Students will identify the ethical issues that relate to computers and networks (including security, privacy, intellectual property, the benefits and drawbacks of public domain software, and the reliability of information on the Internet), and the positive and negative impact of technology on human culture.
  • Students will identify different careers in computing and their connection with the subjects studied in this course (e.g., information technology specialist, Web page designer, systems analyst, programmer, CIO).