Algebra I-1 Foundations

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Algebra I Foundations uses an investigative approach in learning algebra. Students will examine interesting questions and hands-on investigations that precede the introduction of formulas and symbolic representations. Students will also spend some time reinforcing the basic skills required to learn Algebra. A graphing calculator is also used to help students learn and understand concepts. 

Trimester 1: 
In the first course students topics include: review of basic arithmetic, using proportional reasoning, solving linear equations and linear inequalities. 

Trimester 2: 
In the second course topics include: fitting a line to data, writing and graphing equations of lines, and solving systems of equations. 

Trimester 3:
In the third course students explore data by creating and interpreting measures of center, box and whisker plots, scatter plots and two-variable graphs, working with exponents and exponential models, using function notation, finding the domain and range of relations and function, probability, and principles of counting.